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Dramatic Results

A Guide to Changing Lives Through Drama Ministry

Liberal use of drama has been sited as a top tool used by the world’s fastest growing churches, second only to contemporary music.  Rory Johnston, Creative Arts Director at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, has been writing, directing, and acting in original dramas weekly since 1996.  In this time, the church membership has increased from a few hundred to almost 6500, becoming the second largest church in Nevada, and is still growing fast.  Much of the credit for this explosive phenomenon goes to the church’s extremely popular drama ministry.  Mr. Johnston has finally made his expertise available to other churches with his new, exciting book Dramatic Results – A Guide to Changing Lives Through Drama Ministry.

Dramatic Results is a comprehensive look at creating and maintaining a drama ministry.  Drawing on years of hands-on experience, Rory shares his expertise in the areas of: the pastor/drama relationship, building and maintaining your team, how to create powerful allegories, a step-by-step tutorial on how to write original dramas, bringing Biblical teaching into modern settings, how to distinguish dramas from real testimonies, teaching within the drama as opposed to using it only as an introduction to a subject, modern VS period pieces, how to create buzz moments that will keep your congregation talking all week, engaging your congregation with interactive activities, and much, much more.

Illustrating all this are excerpts from over 30 scripts, covering a wide spectrum of styles: intense drama, outrageous comedy, infomercials and announcements, television and movie take-offs, monologues, communion meditations, and others.  Rory also recounts dozens of touching, funny, and even disastrous personal moments that reveal insights and lessons that can only be learned after years of weekly services.

Special emphasis is placed on the importance of excellence and on the magnitude of our work in ministry.  Packed with clever ideas and rousing inspiration, this reader-friendly book is a must for any church looking to take their weekly services to the next level.

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